MDW Marketplace is powered by blockchain technology, ensuring decentralized transparent access to transaction data, immediate payments and full immutable recording of all communications for audit purposes. Based on Ethereum blockchain. MDW blockchain securely stores all patient and imaging data, complying with all government regulation, including HIPPA.

Dcm4chee Server Scheme

Immediate payments

Radiologists reading on MDW marketplace, receive payments in their wallets immediately upon acceptance of the report by imaging facility

Studies reading workflow

Communication recording

MDW records all communications between radiologists and imaging facilities in blockchain, creating an immutable audit record

Data harvesting

AI companies looking for annotated imaging data can requests specific data sets and Imaging facilities receive a a way to monetize images and offset expense of their storage for regulatory purposes. Facilities supplying images and radiologists annotating them, receive immediate payments upon purchase by AI companies. Anonymization algorithms in MDW marketplace ensure safety of personal information.

AI annotation workflow

Technology Roadmap

Technology Roadmap

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